Your city. Rediscovered.

CityFlow is the holistic, technology-agnostic Digital Twin for the city. You can integrate any IoT sensor or deploy our CityProbe 2 units to achieve the grand overview of the urban environment in real-time through rich visualisations and engaging interactions.

Get the overview.
CityFlow provides you with the grand overview of the city in real-time. Add your own SmartCity or IoT devices and watch the data appear through rich visualisations, including heat-map layers mapped directly on top of the neighbourhoods. Slide through time and experience historic events unfold, providing a whole new dimension of the city.
Expand your fleet.
CityFlow has automatic device discovery, meaning that whether you install a new CityProbe or a custom device that was configured to send data to CityFlow, it will automatically appear on your user account as a newly discovered device. Simply confirm, assign it a location and watch the data flow in immediately and in real-time.
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Get your city in
Ultrasharp Focus

Whether you combine CityFlow with a CityProbe network or simply add your existing devices to the platform, you will get a completely redefined view of the city. Say goodbye to endless time series graphs; with CityFlow, you get an intuitive overview in real-time.

Just €7 / month - free for 30 days

With TimeSlider you can seamlessly scroll through time and watch the days go by. Intuitively, you will get a sense of the changing patterns - such as when the city is most polluted and where the problem areas are, or if a recent event spiked the noise levels in a particular area.

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Dive into the data

Sometimes, you need to analyze data from a specific sensor in depth. Simply open it up, and you will be presented with detailed data from the device, from both past and present. You can even export datasets for 3rd party apps, so you can work with the data in any way you like.

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Easy device filtering
and navigation

With the dropdown selector, you can easily switch between various device types in the fleet as well as choose which specific parameters to focus on. Furthermore, devices can be tagged to easily group by neighborhood, campaign measurement areas or similar.

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